Pictured: Fresh at Washed Out 2018

Washed Out Festival is a two-day event spread across some of the best underground venues in the seaside town of Brighton. This year it will be taking place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April and will be showcasing some of the best indie, punk, emo and hardcore acts that the UK DIY scene has to offer.

In preparation for what is set to be one of the year’s best weekends of live music, we’ve picked our top 10 recommendations of who to look out for.

Nick’s Recommendations


I got into H_ngm_n when they burst onto the scene with their single ‘Back At The Start’, way back in 2015. We had the pleasure of putting them on last month. They’re lovely people. Not to be missed.

Gender Roles

I have a friend who listens to, almost exclusively, underground hardcore music. When I say hardcore, I mean kick-your-teeth-in-windmilling-and-twostepping hardcore. Anyway, he saw Gender Roles in Birmingham a few years back and recommended them to me. Follow Hardcore Joe’s recommendation. Listen to Gender Roles.

Yr Poetry

Half of indie-punk scenesters Johhny Foreigner. Have an absolutely wonderful song about my favourite pop-punk night in Birmingham. Super fun. I don’t need to say much more.


A band has never so succinctly captured that ‘post-uni-when-the-fuck-did-everyone-get-a-full-time-job?’ as Brutalligators. Pure, honest indie. 

The Winter Passing

I saw these guys support someone a few years back. I can’t remember who or were. But they were definitely there. They were definitely good. Hopefully I’ll remember more after catching their set this year.

Mikey’s Recommendations


Crywank’s latest album Wearing Beige On A Grey Day is an absolute jam. Their live shows are always fun and so is the music.

Joe Booley

Joe’s fringe is my absolute hair goals. The music is also pretty good too, I guess.


Their debut album Oh Dearism was one of my favourite releases of 2018 – they’re a group that I can really see going places.


Sharing members with underground legends Drawstring and fellow Washed Out-billed Weave (another band not to be missed), Penthouse make feel-good party rock that’s infectiously fun.


I first heard americansignlanguage. at Turbulence 2018 and their set was so intense my friend Luke nearly passed out from exhaustion. They make powerful, energetic skramz with a positive message of self-love and acceptance behind it all.

Washed Out 2019 tickets are still available for only £22. A limited number will also be available on the day (CASH ONLY). If you want to catch up with us at the festival, you can follow us (Mikey and Nick) on Twitter. You can also like us on Facebook for more updates. If you want to hear more bands performing at the festival, you can follow the official Spotify playlist below.