Hello and welcome to our very first SYS’ Tracks of the Week and believe me, this is well over due. Almost every music outlet around posts their favourite songs from the last seven days, and in that respect, we are sort of following in suit.

However, there is a twist in the tail. Instead of generically selecting from a bunch of new music playlists such as New Music Friday, our list offers an insight into our writers and what they are enjoying right now.

New or old, pop or punk, it doesn’t really matter what they are. It’s just what we like.

So, without further ado, here are our tracks of the week:

Editor’s Choice: 

“SUMMER” by The Carters

“Well it appears as if the sun is staying with us in London for the time being and it’s once again the inspiration for my track of the week. A song that contains the exquisite combination of sultry vocals provided by Mrs Carter, in tandem with her husband’s smooth verse and ad libs, makes for a track that reminds me of the numerous summertimes I spent as a kid listening to my family’s reggae classics.”

George Berry (Producer/Engineer/Bears in Trees): 

“Love Has All Been Done Before” by Jade Bird

“She’s an up and coming artist and got featured on Radio X a few weeks ago. She’s doing really well on Spotify at the moment, it’s such a great song, really catchy and really pumps me up and makes me want to go and get stuff done.”

Nick Peters (Bears In Trees): 

“Overbite” by Sincere Engineer

Spotify | YouTube

“I stumbled across this song and subsequently listened to her album for 3 days straight.”