You know the drill by now, let’s see what the SYS team have got for you this week.

Editor’s Choice: 

“Not Enough” by Benny Sings

 “My first Benny Sings experience was when he featured on a track alongside Rex Orange County. From then on, I’ve been hooked. An amazingly talented singer, songwriter and producer, his new album ‘City Pop’ is one to take notice.”

James Threadgill (Director of Visual Content): 

“wish you were gay” by Billie Eilish

“The vocals on Billie’s new track are amazing, especially when it’s combined with the changes in timbre and dynamics. ”

Maggie Luckhurst (Director of Branding & Design): 

“Learning to Swim” by The Skints

“The song reflects on the singer Marcia’s loss of her sister many years ago, and the sense of having to ‘keep afloat’ as she has headed through life without her and the lessons she’s had to go through. The track starts off closer to the roots of the band’s sound with a distinctive dub and reggae vibe, however when it reaches the chorus erupts into lyric-less punk as the band pays homage to a style of music that Marcia’s sister had loved.”