Have you ever wondered about the existential nature of our existence as human beings? Do you regularly question the very fabric of what it is to possess an active consciousness? Does your mind persistently become transfixed on the bamboozling concept of the infinite landscape of the universe?

If that is case, unfortunately this article offers no answers to any of those questions. Instead, let me provide you with a few tasty tracks from our SYS team to set you up for your weekend:


Editor’s Choice: 

“Reel It In” by Amine

“I have no words other than to just watch the video. Amazing.”

Linden Davis (Screed): 

“Pulse” by Cursive

“Pulse is one I brought up recently with my guitarist because we were discussing use of discordance in pop song writing. It’s a song that’s actively almost hurtfully discordant but still so catching I’ve listened to it on repeat for 2 hours at least five times in my life”

Mikey Tree (deafpony): 

“New Topia” by This Will Destroy You

“When it drops at 2:55, you’ll understand.”