As an artist, being true to your own form of expression is an essential factor in establishing a method for success and longevity.

In this week’s Tracks of the Week, we take our hats off to those who embody this mindset, unwavering in their commitment towards producing the purest extension of themselves.

Editor’s Choice:

Chances” by Kaytranada ft. Shay Lia

“Kaytranda is by far and away the hottest DJ out there right now. If that statement alone wasn’t enough to convince you, just give him a listen and I’m sure you’ll be converted very quickly.”

Linden Davis:

“Angeles” by Elliott Smith

“I’ve been listening to this because I’m feeling sad and desperate. FFO: haunting beauty, empathetic desperation.

Mikey Tree:

“Gold Rush” by itoldyouiwouldeatyou

 “The energy from itoldyouiwouldeatyou when they were performing at Washed Out was almost unmatched (plus this song slaps live).”