On this week’s Track’s of Week, we take a look at all things alternative and experimental. From avant garde production and timings, to the sublime in the acoustic, these songs possess everything you could want from independent music right now.

We hope you enjoy! 

Editor’s Choice:

Save Yourself” by Ally Lim

“Overall, I am not a major fan of comparisons when it comes to an artist attempting to make it in the industry. Whereas some may see them as a glowing stamp of approval, they also have the potential to hinder an artist paving their own path, as evaluations made by outsiders may always associate the newcomer with the established artist. With that point in mind, I believe there is only thing left to say. Ally Lim is a talent.”

Nick Peters:

“If It Makes You Happy” by Michael Cera Palin

“’Has really good lyrics / tells a really cool story / if it makes you happy! then why the hell are you so sad?’ and I heard it exactly when I needed to”

Rach Tindall:

“Crow’s Perch” by black midi

Because they’re mad…and brilliant…and it’s a choooooon.”