After the roaring success of Taylor Swift’s hotly awaited comeback single ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco), Taylor Swift’s management have dropped confirmed that her next single will feature the godfather of modern American alternative music.

When approached by Vanity Fair, Neil Barkley of MOTIVATE! management had this to say.

‘For Taylor’s upcoming album campaign, we want to diversify her fan base so we can test how well Taylor tests in the less conventional markets. Mike Kinsella was the obvious choice here. I’ve been a big fan of American Football for a while now- and while I found LP2 waning LP3 has been a real return to form for the band. I feel [Kinsella’s] more mature perspective is going to be a breath of fresh air for Taylor’s decidedly young fan base.’

It isn’t out of place for Kinsella to work with established pop stars; American Football’s most recent release features guest vocals from Paramore star Haley Williams. 

We reached out for American Football’s label Polyvinyl for comment, but they were understandably hush-hush about the project. A spokesperson said-

‘Polyvinyl is committed to ensuring our roster are provided with respectable and carefully considered opportunities for growth. We promote this in all forms.’

Current word on the web is that the single will be appropriately titled YOU! That’s all we know for now. Hopefully, we’ll know more When The Summer Ends.

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