Here at SYS, we are indebted to the consistent pioneering spirit of the independent artist.

A cynic’s observation of the business’ current state would be that of grief disappointment at how such a creatively driven section of society has allowed itself to be transformed into a commercialised, oversaturated marketplace.

But when it comes music, I am no cynic. Rather than contribute to the overwhelming dissatisfaction without cause for being constructive, one of our missions at SYS is to celebrate those artists who bring us hope through their resilience in maintaining the purest notion of artistic expression there is to be found.

So, without further ado, here are our tracks of the week:

Editor’s Choice: 

“Sickness” by Ferris & Sylvester

 “I had the pleasure of meeting these two wonderful individuals as part of a journalism internship for an online magazine. Whilst preparing to play one of their biggest London shows to date (supporting Jade Bird at Electric Brixton), they both still managed to find the time to talk to myself about their journey so far, musical influences and Archie’s love of fishing. I will never forget that experience; pay close attention to these guys, they are certainly one to watch.”

Mikey Tree (deafpony): 

“Rich Kids” by Polyphia ft. Yvette Young

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 “The track (and all of Polyphia’s latest album) is an absolute masterclass of genre-bending weirdness. It’s like they couldn’t decide whether they were going to make a hip-hop, math-rock, trap, R&B or post-rock track so they just did everything at once.”

James Threadgill (deafpony): 

“Everything That Grows” by Americansignlanguage.


“It’s a total feel good, fuck depression, I’m gonna be okay anthem.”