hZA is the moniker of London lo-fi producer Harry Worsley. With a few years of experience creating lo-fi beats and instrumental soundscapes uploaded to his SoundCloud, this is hZA’s second formal single and his first foray into adding his own voice to the craft.

Sitting neatly at the two-minute mark, “Struck” possess simplicity in form; the piece is an amalgamation of a concise piano ballad set over minimalist drum beats. It’s sparsity in instrumentation suits the track perfectly, creating a relaxed vibe that wouldn’t feel out of place in any chilled-out playlist designed for late night listening.

When speaking about singing for the first time, he says “It’s taken a while to have the confidence… but now the excitement to do more continues to grow” – Worsley’s endeavour to grow both as an artist and as a person is becoming present for all to see, building up his confidence in his own abilities through the catharsis of creating music.

Artwork by Rakesh Jaitly

Not one to pigeonhole himself, hZA cites influences from Linkin Park to YEAR OF THE OX, all the way to Joji. He’s an artist of the modern age, not phased but the idea of fitting music into a box or conforming to preconceived expectations. Instead, he makes music that evokes feeling and creates an experience for the listener. This becomes increasingly apparent when looking at his social media; every announcement is accompanied with well-produced but clearly home-made trippy visuals that fit his bedroom producer aesthetic to a tee.

“Struck” is available to stream now via Spotify. You can keep up with hZA through his Facebook and Instagram pages.