You may know not it, but there’s an ever-swelling independent music movement happening in sun-baked Vienna right now.

Landlocked in geography but not in aspirations, there’s a growing group of independent musicians within Vienna who are re-igniting the music scene there from the ground up; and one part of this movement is the artistry developing out of Audio Heart Records.

Ella Deer is a prime example of the blossoming talent being developed within the Viennese scene. Hailing from Graz, a postcard perfect city in southern Austria, Ella moved to Vienna to study and quickly found a home within it’s blossoming folk scene. The rest, as they say, is history- and on June 28th her debut EP, Liquid Sun, was released.

So why should you listen to it?

First off, Ella’s voice is summery sweet. She’s undoubtedly a folk artist, and yet there are splashes of pop gold that lead the way for what is, without a doubt, the start of a very successful career. Her voice glistens and crescendos in and around rapturous string sections that are well placed to be festival gold mines in a few years time; or possibly the soundtrack to an appropriately titled teen film/Netflix original series. Whichever offer comes through first.

Honestly? this EP is perfect for anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Mumford & Sons track (don’t be afraid to admit it.) Aside from that though, it’s fresh and modern- and it’s certainly nice to hear a female voice in the scene.

My recommendation is to go get a picnic ready, get your pals together, find a nice quiet lake, and pop this EP on. Maybe get some rose-tinted glasses too, while you’re at it.

Spotify link is below – you know what to do.


(Photos courtesy of Isorauschen photography)